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The leader in performance sonar
Since 1957, Lowrance is a leader in providing anglers of all skill levels the best possible viewing underwater fish and the organizations within which they hide. From Fish Lo-K-Tor - also known as "The Little Green Box" - the powerful and current models of fishfinder / chartplotter and HDS Gen2 StructureScan® HD, the main objective of Lowrance sonar technology has yet to produce award-winning and winning races.


The sonar transducer SpotlightScan ™ trolling offers a new level of views controlled by fishermen and scanning the area, to provide photographic images of fishing areas key on your display fishfinder / chartplotter Gen2 * or HDS Gen2 Touch. Similar to the way a projector detects objects in the dark, the sonar SpotlightScan ™ clearly identifies structures and targets of fish in front of and around your boat, so that fishermen can save valuable time while surfing and stay focused on fishing spots more productive - all without disturbing these areas before you have the opportunity to fish.

SonarHub™ Sounder Module

Cambia la tua visione – HD StructureScan®

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Improve your vision - New StructureScan HD - The new generation "best in class" acquisition sonar images.
To perfect images with a more realistic view, Lowrance introduced the technology of image capture StructureScan HD®.
StructureScan offers anglers a photographic display of the water around or under the boat. Viewing accurate depth and distance as well as images that require no interpretation, StructureScan HD brings out the best of the sonar technology. A tree sunk is displayed as a tree, as algae and seaweed piles of rocks like piles of rocks.
With a traditional sonar signal, a three-dimensional cone is transmitted by the transducer on your boat to the lake basin or the sea floor. The return signals are interpreted in two dimensions on a display of the fish finder to show what's under your boat. This information is useful to identify the places where they hide the fish.
Anglers can use it to see up to 250 feet to the left and right side of a boat, so you can quickly eliminate unproductive waters and find the places where most likely you will find the fish. The technology StructureScan HD also supports the exclusive DownScan Imaging ™ for displays photographic dedicated under the boat, as well as the functionality TrackBack ™. With TrackBack, fishermen can return to the registered historic acquisition of StructureScan sonar images to review the targets of fish and to mark the exact locations with a waypoint for immediate or future exploration. Keeping active recording at any time, TrackBack lets you avoid losing important data of sonar and eliminates the waste of gasoline to return to review important fishing areas.

 SonarHub Sounder

By combining technology and CHIRP sonar StructureScan® HD to display fishfinder / chartplotter multifunction HDS Lowrance and Simrad NS compatible, the module performance is a solution SonarHub network plug-and-play, making it as easy as never before detection of productive fishing areas.
Offering an advantage in terms of performance in every situation, Frequency Sweeping Pulse Compression technology - better known as CHIRP sonar - the new module provides details high definition up to a depth of 3,500 feet, while its functionality StructureScan HD returns the display photographic images for a productive fishing, diving and search and recovery operations.
Thanks to a unique combination of technology DownScan Imaging ™ and image capture side, StructureScan HD includes a transducer design further improved, which has three dedicated signals for the best scanning beam side and the best resolution of the category. It also provides accurate and clear views of the area under the boat, for a stunning presentation that separates and distinguishes clearly the targets from the surrounding structure. CHIRP provides fishermen clean and razor-sharp images with details of individual fish and a clear separation of fish from other targets, structure, thermoclines and bottom. If associated with a transducer AIRMAR® TM 150, the CHIRP sonar is equipped with a pulse generator extremely efficient, which provides improved resolution of the prey and elimination of the disorder, together with a wide coverage for the perfect fish arches which clearly identify the targets .
Leif Ottosson, CEO of Lowrance and Simrad said: "The new module SonarHub offers the benefits of our revolutionary technologies StructureScan HD and CHIRP in one device. The module adds all-in-one really significant benefits, offering two unique views that are decidedly support to fishermen to get the most out of time spent at sea and catch more fish. "
SonarHub has a plug-and-play compatibility with models of echo sounders / HDS Gen2 chartplotter and Gen2 Touch Lowrance, Simrad NSS Sport with multifunction display, NSE and NSO Offshore Expert. There are also three Ethernet ports built that favor a system network fast and practical, without the need for additional Ethernet module.
The sounder is compatible with a variety of transducers, including the transducer AIRMAR TM 150 single channel CHIRP and current transducers StructureScan HD. The module is also compatible with the new transducer for trolling motor SpotlightScan ™ Sonar * to scan the surrounding area, which locates structure and targets in front and around the boat without disturbance in fishing before beginning 'action. The SonarHub Sounder is protected by Advantage Service Program Lowrance and Simrad.