Networking of data communications multi-device for easy access to the smaller boats to a surprising price.

The solution NMEA 2000® offers unique advantages in a package of networking for a multi-detection and visualization systems for boats and motor functions. These key advantages include simplicity, easy installation, versatility and ease of expansion sensor / display / system, excellent performance and a surprisingly affordable cost.

About NMEA 2000®
It is the new world standard in data protocol marine electronics, established by the National Marine Electronics, to network multiple instruments on a boat. To put it simply, any NMEA 2000® certified device (sensor, sonar, GPS, multi-function indicator, etc.), regardless of the brand, share and / or display data selected by the user with any or all of the tools of the display installed in NMEA 2000® network.

Boat owners can buy smart sensors are easy to install at an affordable price (Electronic Probes) to monitor sets of essential functions of the engine and the boat.

White Papers Link Engine
Below are several white papers designed to provide information on the drives multifunction display for engine specific brands.