Lowrance Radar Broadband

HDS® Lowrance combines the revolutionary Broadband Radar ™ for the ultimate in navigation systems.
A revolutionary radar system like no other on the market of the recreational boating. Thanks to the solid state technology, these solutions provide innovative radar detection and separation of the upper targets, ease of use and a new level of safety of navigation to a wide range of vessels.
The exclusive technology and performance characteristics of Broadband Radar ™ make it ideal for most boats. The resolution and the identification of obstacles with absolute precision make it an ideal complement to large systems powered radar and cruising yachts. The intuitive operation makes it an ideal primary radar for small and medium sized boats. Its small size, its minimal power requirements and energy levels of transmission safer offer the advantages of sophisticated radar to all boats.
Lowrance offers two choices of Broadband Radar ™, the outstanding Broadband 3G ™ Radar and the brand new and exceptional Broadband 4G ™ Radar.