Lowrance Mark 3 and Elite 3

Lowrance Fishfinder Presents The First In Colors Of Industry Less Than € 120

The New Fishfinder Colour Elite - 3x Guarantees Excellent Performance Sonar and Defines New Standard
Lowrance , a brand leader in the global electronics industry boating since 1957 , today introduced Elite - 3x and the Elite package - 3x All Season , the last born in his family fishfinder chartplotter and Elite .
The new Elite - 3x , the cheapest and affordable color fishfinder ever presented , includes a transducer Broadband Sounder ™ dual- frequency 83/200 kHz and has a LED backlit display with a resolution of 240x360 pixels detailed , for easy viewing in full sunlight and with wide viewing angles .
Featuring the award-winning Broadband Sounder Lowrance Elite - 3x allows fishermen to identify quickly and easy targets , profile and bottom composition , detail of the structure , thermoclines and more.
Thanks to the operation selectable dual frequency that maximizes the view under the boat , sonar 83kHz guarantees a conical roof up to 60 degrees , ideal for showing large fish arches and to scrutinize the large areas of fishing .
The 200kHz sonar provides up to 20 degrees of coverage for a target separation even better and to better follow the action of the bait - this is ideal for vertical views . The transducer Skimmer® Lowrance , included in Elite - 3x , can track the seabed at speeds up to 75mph ( 120KM ) and has a water temperature sensor built .

Due to the limited need to manually change the settings , the Advanced Signal Processing ( ASP) Lowrance allows fishermen to optimize the timing of fishing and see more clearly and crisp fish , structure and bottom.
The select button page Elite - 3x works easily and allows users to quickly switch from view to 83kHz frequency sonar that 200kHz . Also dedicated hotkeys allow you to zoom up to four times more than the standard views and to focus on areas like the best fishing . The power button also functions as a regulator of the backlight , which can vary depending on whether you are in full sunlight or that you are engaged in a fishing night . The function Fish i.d. Device shows icons of fish and fish arches , as well as to better identify targets , and includes both the option to track the prey and is the alarm . The mounting bracket installs quickly and can be tilted and turned ; This makes it particularly easy to change the viewing angle or disconnect the fishfinder .
" Lowrance has established a new standard once again , introducing the first color fishfinder to the world less than € 100 ," said Leif Ottosson , CEO of Lowrance . " The color display is an extremely important element in helping to clearly identify the fish on the bottom or close to it , or to distinguish the composition and changes in the seabed . Our new Elite - 3x puts all this available to every fisherman. "
" Elite - 3x is also a serious option for fishermen cost-conscious ; with this device there is no need to give up many of the proven features that have made it a world leader in electronics Lowrance for fishing. "
The last and unmissable accessory electronics for fishing for a full year of successes is the package fishfinder Elite - 3x All Season . Convenient and accessible , is ideal in small boats , as boat rentals, fishing boats on the ice or from the docks . With two integrated assemblies for Elite - 3x , the pack includes a transducer Skimmer® All Season 83 / 200kHz dual frequency with power cord , a transducer with suction-mount and a transducer with floating ice and power cord , for the best signal can in any condition. The kit is durable , easy to carry and offers two containers Stowaway® for tools , a battery charger and 12v with ample space for accessories .