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The powerful new HDS Gen2 Touch - redefines ease of use
Now with routing HDS
Lowrance announces autorouting for Navionics and Easy Routing for cards MAX N + C -MAP Jeppesen .
Display wider and brighter
Choose a 12 "display for unmatched viewing and accurate detail , or one 7" for maximum performance and compactness .
Introducing Insight Genesis ™
Create your own maps from actual sonar that you registered with contours of 1 foot high resolution and precise , bottom hardness and even lines of vegetation .
Sonar technology integrated four-channel Try it with the repute Broadband Sounder , for a more complete view of the subsea structures and fish , with details easier to interpret.
TrackBack display with new window Preview Making the scroll back through the history of the sonar , continuing to record in real time . Our new preview window guarantees you an immediate reference point of the area you are covering .
overlay DownScan
The exclusive Overlay DownScan Lowrance combines the best of two sonar displays just below your boat : Broadband Sounder and DownScan Imaging .
Display " Dual - Chart"
HDS Gen2 Touch offers large chart options . With the unique dual display chart , you can now simultaneously view maps Navionics and Insight , to have the best of both .
Revolutionary 3D visualization
Lowrance Insight cartography now offers a new view 3d - not only on the optional Lake Insight and Nautic Insight HD PRO - but also on the maps Insight integrated , including in all displays HDS Gen2
Revolutionary overlays on your map
Overlay StructureMap integrated
StructureScan overlap with images side ( left and right ) on each map , for ease in interpreting the images of the structures on the seabed , in relation to the position of your boat .

Lowrance Launches Easy Routing Functionality And autorouting For Products HDS

A new software update brings Easy Routing and autorouting on HDS Gen2 Touch and HDS Gen2
Lowrance , the world's leading brands in electronics for fishing since 1957 - today announced an enhanced navigation features for its range HDS Gen2 and HDS Gen2 Touch. This feature provides fact Easy Routing of C -MAP by Jeppesen ™ and autorouting of Navionics® and is available through a free software upgrade .
Users can now plot the shortest route and secure easily and automatically with the simple selection of the points of origin and destination , so plan your route quickly and safely .
Thanks to calculations based on the setting of the boat and on the available map data , the routes are shown on the card so overlapped , thus highlighting the safest path and indicating possible dangers , or potentially risky alternatives to afford surfers to reach their destination as safely as possible.
The software update adds the Dynamic Tides and Currents for users MAX - N + C- MAP by Jeppesen , providing a graphical representation of the conditions of the current when the map is zoomed beyond the scale 1NM . The classic icons have been replaced by colored arrows according to a specific code indicating the direction and the speed of the current; selecting an arrow will open a page with information on High and Low Tide .
Leif Ottosson , Navico CEO , said: "We continue to improve our products to give our customers the ultimate in fun and boating safety ."
" This software update adds to the range HDS Gen2 Lowrance new features requested by our own valued customers and offers enhancements that make the menu HDS easier to use . This is another example of our ongoing commitment to deliver and support the best and best performing technologies in the industry . "
Boaters can get these new features by installing the latest software update 3.0 on any device or HDS Gen2 HDS Gen2 Touch Lowrance . This software can be downloaded for free online and also includes feature enhancements charting and navigation , as well as the routing function mapping MAX - N + C- MAP by Jeppesen and Navionics Platinum + and Nav Nav Update Cards



Caratteristiche della versione 3.0 aggiornata di Gen2 HDS:

  • Autorouting per Navionics* - Gli utenti in possesso delle carte Platinum, Navionics+ e Navionics Updates possono creare automaticamente la rotta più breve e sicura basata su punti di partenza e di arrivo selezionati, utilizzando calcoli basati sulle impostazioni dell’imbarcazione e sui dati cartografici disponibili.
  • Routing facile per Jeppesen* - Gli utenti MAX-N+ CMAP ora possono creare automaticamente la rotta più breve e sicura basata su punti di partenza e di arrivo selezionati, utilizzando calcoli basati sulle impostazioni dell’imbarcazione e sui dati cartografici disponibili – le rotte sono mostrate in verde, giallo o rosso a indicare le opzioni relative alla rotta più sicura, potenzialmente pericolosa e potenzialmente non sicura. 
  • Maree e correnti dinamiche per Jeppesen – Le carte MAX-N+ CMAP ora visualizzano una rappresentazione grafica delle condizioni delle correnti quando viene zoomata la carta oltre una scala 1NM. Le icone standard attuali sono state sostituite da frecce a codici cromatici che indicano la direzione e la velocità della corrente; selezionando una freccia, si aprirà la pagina delle correnti modificata per le indicazioni ampliate su Riflusso e Inondazione.
  • Aggiornamento menu selezione carte – nuove liste menu di selezione disponibili per Navionics, Lowrance, MAX-N+ CMAP e altre opzioni cartografiche di terzi per nome.
  • Il software 3.0 HDS aggiunge inoltre nuove funzioni di dimostrazione e simulatore per il settore al dettaglio.

*NOTA: le unità HDS progettate per essere vendute negli Stati Uniti non saranno dotate delle funzioni di Autorouting o di Routing facile. Tali funzioni sono disabilitate su tutte le unità non americane quando utilizzate in acque territoriali americane.

Nuove funzioni demo/simulatore:

Il download e l’installazione del nuovo demo/simulatore è opzionale quando si scarica il software 3.0 HDS.