Since the launch of the first sonar pleasure in 1957 to our current DownScan Imaging ™ and the award-winning Broadband Sounder , Lowrance continues to lead in helping anglers find the fish and the structures in which they hide .
Whether it's a fish finder, a sounder or sonar pleasure , these products provide anglers with the ability to locate and identify schools of fish , game fish and offering broad coverage of each layer of water . This advantage of the underwater viewing helped launch the sport fishing as it had never happened , as the fishermen were able to better understand the depth contours , the bottom composition and location of the structure and how the fish they related to this environment .
Whether you are interested in an independent fishfinder , a fishfinder / chartplotter combined or a multifunction display networkable , the wide range of solutions Lowrance guarantees you that you will have the best tools available to make the most of your navigation experience .